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[Photos] Endless pink grass on Sy dyke

WEDNESDAY, 09/11/2022 14:51:05

At the time the weather turns cold, striking pink grass on Sy dyke in Chi Minh commune, Tu Ky district, begins to enchant many people.

People living near Sy dyke neither know when the pink grass appeared nor its origin. From a few small clumps of reed-like grass growing sporadically in a corner of the dyke with a weasel tail shape and light pink flowers, the pink grass has taken root over nearly 1 km so far.

According to some people, the pink grass, whose seeds were taken there by birds, grows well thanks to fertile soil. Some others said someone planted the grass on the dyke from seedlings they brought back from Da Lat.

This kind of grass has not been found on any other section of Thai Binh river dykes aside from Sy one and blooms only once a year around November and December.

Tu Ky district authorities are studying to turn the site having the pink grass into a tourist attraction to lure visitors to go sightseeing and take photos.

The pink grass stands out in the immense green of bananas and bamboo on the Thai Binh river dyke’s section passing through Chi Minh commune

The pink grass is most brilliant at dawn or dusk

The pink grass looks like reed but its flowers are big and pink

Many people go to Sy dyke to take and post photos on social networking sites

On weekends, a lot of young people come here to capture the most brilliant moments of the pink grass

It takes about 30 minutes to go from Hai Duong city and skirt the right dyke of the Thai Binh river by motorbike to arrive at the dyke section filled with the pink grass 


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