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[Photos] Special features of Tu Ky's villages

SUNDAY, 10/07/2022 07:01:45

Many localities in Tu Ky still preserve relics and scenery imbrued with special features of Northern Delta villages.

Here are some photos of the rural scenery in the district taken by a reporter of the Hai Duong Newspaper on the last days of June 2022.

An organic rice field in An Thanh commune

Sunset is the most beautiful moment on the dykes along the Thai Binh river

The temple of Holy Mother Vu Thi Duc, a provincial historical relic in Hung Dao commune, still retains its pure Vietnamese character

Some trade villages are maintained and developed, creating jobs for many laborers at leisure. Products are supplied to domestic and international markets

Boi Lang tomb is located in the field of Dong Phong hamlet, Binh Lang commune. Built in the 17th century with special artistic architecture, the tomb is the resting place of a famous Vietnamese businesswoman who is associated with the phrase "Thanh Hoa red lady first, Boi Lang second, and Thach Sung third." The cultural relic was ranked as a provincial historical one in 2016

Rows of coconuts along the road to Hoa Nhue village, Tien Dong commune



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