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[Photos] Ninh Giang ramie cake: New features, old soul

TUESDAY, 17/05/2022 07:03:08

Hai Duong province's Ninh Giang district has been well-known for the specialty of banh gai (ramie cake) since the 13th century.

Together with banh dau xanh (mung bean cake), banh gai is one of rustic gifts imbued with the flavor of the homeland and favored by many customers in and outside the province

Ramie leaves are an indispensable ingredient that creates the black color of banh gai. They are milled and mixed with sticky rice powder and sugar to make the cake's crust

In the past when food was expensive, the stuffing of banh gai was mainly made from peanut, green bean, and lard. Nowadays, ingredients are much more abundant but still very rustic, including squash, coconut, lotus seed, sesame, etc., and that's why banh gai is more delicious than before

While many types of cakes have luxurious covers, banh gai is still wrapped with banana leaves, creating a unique flavor for the cake

At present, many stages of banh gai making such as flour milling, stuffing mixing, and cake steaming are done by machine, ensuring food hygiene and safety and reducing labor

Hundreds of hot cakes can be made in just one hour

A standard banh gai must have a shining black, smooth, and pliable crust and sweet, fragrant, and rich stuffing

The simplicity and purity of banh gai have made many people fall for and can conquer the pickiest customers

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