Chi Linh: Focusing on Tourism Development

SATURDAY, 28/11/2020 07:45:28

As a locality with potentials and strengths for tourism development, Chi Linh City is deploying many specific solutions to realize the goal of making tourism an important economic sector.

Tourists visiting Con Son - Kiep Bac Relics area

Clearly defining the advantages

Situated next to the Dong Trieu bow-shaped mountains, Chi Linh has alternating hills and mountains, fertile fields, and convenient road traffic and water navigation. Chi Linh- the land of Buddhist relics, folk beliefs, and relics associated with the life and work of the national heroes, cultural celebrities such as Hung Dao Dai Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan, the National Hero and World Cultural Celebrity Nguyen Trai, Teacher Chu Van An, The Second Ancestor of Truc Lam Phap Loa's Zen sect, the Third Ancestor of Truc Lam Huyen Quang Zen sect ... According to Chi Linh City Department of Culture - Information, there are 422 historical and cultural relics, including 10 national historical relics in the city. Most of these vestiges are associated with festivals, very convenient for developing spirituality tourism.

Chi Linh is also rich in natural beauty such as the mountains of Ngu Nhac, Con Son, Phuong Hoang, Ngu Dai Son- Cong Troi - Ham Long, Phat Tich, Nam Tao- Bac Dau ... The mountains create the four spirituality assemblies with the posture of flanking dragon and prostrating tiger, together with thousands of hectares of pine forests, root yards, ancient ironwood forests, red leaf maple forests ... These landscapes ensure that Chi Linh can become a special, attractive and diverse tourist area.

Planning 4 tourist zones

The Resolution of the 17th Party Congress of Chi Linh City determines that trade, services and tourism will be an important economic sector of this locality in 2020-2025 period.

Ben Tam Lake is being studied for investment to build technical infrastructure for ecotourism and relaxation resorts
In order to bring the Congress resolution to life, the City is finalizing the Project "Tourism development of Chi Linh City to 2025, with a vision towards 2035". Mr. Nguyen Van Huynh, Vice Chairman of Chi Linh City People's Committee, said: "The project focuses on assessing tourism potentials and current status, designing new plans for tourism development to effectively promote and exploit the available potentials".

Chi Linh whereby plans 4 tourist zones, including: the center for resort, accommodation and trade development, the western with Con Son- Kiep Bac, the northern with Thanh Mai Pagoda, and the southern with Cao Temple. The City focuses on developing a variety of tourist products to promote and exploit historical and cultural relics. The City also plans to upgrade the scale and quality of festivals such as the Mother worship belief at Sinh temple, Hoa temple, Kiep Bac, praying for children at Sinh temple, early spring opening pen at Chu Van An temple ...

To attract tourists, Chi Linh intensifies the advertisement of attractive tourist spots to people and businesses. The City is completing the planning and identifying key projects to attract investment to solve the problem of construction funds for tourism technical infrastructure (estimated to be VND 1,700 billion for the period from now to 2025, and over 4,500 billion for the 2026-2030 period).

A good sign for Chi Linh is that many large economic groups are targeting at the local tourism potentials. Representatives of FLC Group have just proposed a number of solutions to solve the problems, proposed the commencement time for two projects on urban zones with ecotourism, relaxation, sports, and entertainment in Ben Tam lake area and Vinh Tru sandbank.


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