The first 3 Covid-19 patients of the Chi Linh outbreak were discharged from the hospital

SATURDAY, 06/02/2021 23:13:57

These patients have been under medical treatment of Hai Duong Medical Technical University Field Hospital.

Professor, Ph.D, Medical Doctor Nguyen Quang Tuan, Director of Bach Mai Hospital awarding certificates to Covid-19 patients

On 6th February afternoon, Bach Mai Hospital, in collaboration with Hai Duong Medical Technical University Field Hospital, announced and awarded hospital discharge certificates to 3 Covid-19 patients. These are the first 3 Covid-19 patients in the 3rd  surge who are eligible for discharge from hospital.

All the patients are workers of POYUN Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd in Cong Hoa Industrial Park (Chi Linh). They are: D.M.T, born in 1996, male, in Ben Bath ward; N.T.D. born in 1989, male; and H.T.H, born in 1974, female (living in the same ward of Cong Hoa).

These 3 patients were hospitalized for medical treatment from 29th January. All of them had no clinical symptoms, the results of their blood tests and lung X ray were normal. As of 6th February, they have had 4th times of negative test results. After discharge from hospital, they are required to perform medical isolation at home according to the regulations, under the supervision of their locality.

Hai Duong Medical Technical University Hospital is the location for the first field hospital established in Hai Duong with the support of Bach Mai Hospital to treat Covid-19 patients. The hospital has been operating since 29th January, with a total of 260 patient beds, 10 emergency beds and 26 intensive treatment beds which are fully equipped for the treatment of Covid-19 patients.

As of 6th February, the Hai Duong Medical Technical University Field Hospital has received 113 patients, including 35 patients with lung damage, 4 severe patients, 7 patients with underlying disease.





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