Shortening investment procedure processing time

SATURDAY, 13/01/2018 17:13:29

Over the past time, the Hai Duong Department of Planning and Investment has taken a lot of measures to promote administrative procedure reform.

The Department of Planning and Investment has taken a lot of positive measures for administrative procedure reform

To further reduce time and costs and create favorable conditions for organizations, enterprises, and individuals, over the past time, the Hai Duong Department of Planning and Investment (DPI) has taken a lot of measures to promote administrative procedure (AP) reform.


The DPI considered AP reform one of its key tasks in 2017.

"In 2017, the leaders of my department frequently urged and inspected the reform of subordinate divisions and units. During each meeting, apart from professional issues, the leaders spent time disseminating the AP reform contents and programs of the Ministry of Planning and Investment and the Provincial People's Committee to the staff," said Luong Dinh Tuan, office manager cum focal official in charge of AP reform at the department.

In the process of handling APs under one-stop and inter-level one-stop mechanisms, the DPI proactively issued specific guidelines on how to handle work and simplify APs. The department leaders assigned specific tasks and responsibilities to each division, official, and public servant.

Defining officials and public servants as key factors playing the decisive role in AP reform, in early November 2017, the DPI rotated and appointed leaders of some specialized divisions, contributing to creating a new impetus for its activities.

With many initiatives recognized by authorities at all levels and changes in the field of business registration, Le Xuan Hien, head of the Business Registration Division, was appointed as head of the Bidding, Appraisal, and Investment Monitoring Division.

On the new post, Hien has made innovations and created favorable conditions for enterprises to implement APs in the field of investment.

When processing project approval procedures, Hien requested the leaders of the department to integrate consultation on land use planning with consultation of concerned units on projects proposed for investment to help enterprises reduce travel time and expenses. With this method, enterprises feel more relieved with time shortened.

To make the project appraisal process fast and smooth, Hien set up a focal system providing information to handle work via email.

Accordingly, units and individuals directly related to project appraisal will get information about the project sooner to participate, offer suggestions, and promptly guide organizations and enterprises before project information in writing is available.

"In the coming time, I will continue to request the leaders of my department to closely manage administrative discipline in the field of project appraisal, investment, and supervision and strengthen the monitoring of project implementation on the principle of not troubling enterprises," said Hien.

"Enterprises must quarterly report on the implementation status of their projects. The reports will help appropriate authorities grasp difficulties and work out measures for settlement with enterprises.

"At the same time, my department will also be aware of the risks of the projects for joint management and finding of suitable solutions."

In the long run, the department will recommend the Ministry of Planning and Investment to develop investment registration software, apply electronic technology for project supervision, and establish a set of criteria relating to project appraisal.

Initial efficiency

A staff member of the Business Registration Division (Department of Planning and Investment) guides a person on how to carry out procedures for registration of business establishment

The DPI's innovations in AP reform have brought about practical results.

In 2017, the department processed 1,585 online APs at level 3, accounting for nearly 43%. All dossiers submitted to its one-stop section were settled on time. The time needed to handle 80% of business registration dossiers was 50% shorter than the prescribed time. 60% of foreign and domestic investment dossiers were returned before the prescribed date...

Though it was the first time Nguyen Van Vinh, owner of Hong Ngoc Private Enterprise in Quang Phuc commune (Tu Ky), implemented APs on proposing project investment, he still felt secure thanks to enthusiastic help of the DPI's staff.

"In September 2017, I made a proposal for a garment processing facility project in Quang Phuc commune," said Vinh.

"New to this field, I was very worried about performing procedures since I did not know the process.

"When contacting the DPI, I was instructed enthusiastically by staff members of specialized divisions. The implementation of all APs was facilitated."

Whenever encountering obstacles related to the project, Vinh only needed to call the specialized staff instead of meeting them in person.

Vinh was granted an investment certificate only two months after proposing the project, so he was very excited.

With such practical innovations, the DPI has been gradually reducing AP processing time for organizations and individuals, thereby creating favorable conditions for enterprises to quickly put their projects into operation.



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