Rate of Below-Poverty Households decreased to 1.36%

FRIDAY, 01/01/2021 08:31:50

On 30th December, the provincial People's Committee approved the results of the survey and review of Below and Sub-Poverty Line households in 2020.

There are 8,858 below-poverty households in the whole province (decreasing by 2,595 households compared to the beginning of 2020), accounting for 1.36% (decreasing by 0.49% compared to the beginning of 2020), of which 8,853 below-poverty households in terms of income, 5 below-poverty households in terms of access to basic utilities. The whole province has 13,030 sub-poverty households, accounting for 2%. In urban areas, there are 2,461 below-poverty households, accounting for 1.27%; In rural areas, there are 6,397 below-poverty households, accounting for 1.39%. There are 2,576 sub-poverty households in urban areas, accounting for 1.33%, and 10,454 sub-poverty households in rural areas, accounting for 2.28%.

Ninh Giang is the district with the highest poverty rate in the province (1.79%), Thanh Mien has the highest sub-poverty rate in the province (2.88%). Hai Duong city has the lowest rate of below-poverty households (0.94%) and sub-poverty (1.07%), the lowest in the province.

Thus, the poverty rate of the province has decreased from 7.19% in 2015 to 1.36% in 2020, decreasing an average of 1.17%/year, achieving the target set in the Resolution of the provincial Party Congress.


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