Multiplication of Green Love

SUNDAY, 01/11/2020 07:00:17

Green space helps teachers and students ease the stress and fatigue in teaching and learning periods. Trees also help keep the air fresh and cooler.

In the framework of the "Hai Duong - the City of Love" Festival recently, the Culture- Information- Sports Center of Hai Duong City has provided 2,000 books to organize the "Exchanging books for trees" Festival. Students of 6 primary and junior high schools in the city, including Thanh Binh Primary School, Hai Tan Primary School, Tu Minh Primary School, Le Quy Don Junior High School, Tu Minh Junior High School, Ngoc Chau Junior High School have participated in the festival. The festival conveyed to everyone the message to create a green living space, helping to protect the environment from small things.
In the previous school years, many schools in the province also had a number of meaningful programs and activities to educate their students about the awareness of environmental protection, anti-plastic waste ... My daughter attends Binh Minh Primary School (Hai Duong City). Last year, she asked her grand mother for some vegetable seeds for her to sow in the school garden with her teacher and friends. Every day after school, she excitedly talks about the vegetable garden of her class. There is not much space in the school as it is situated in the inner of the city. The teachers have created a hanging garden with shelves of small earthen trays hanged on the wall. The students are assigned to grow and care for the vegetables by themselves. The teachers instruct and encourage the students. At the harvest time, all students are allowed to bring their own products home. Each student has only 1-2 cruciferous or some small shallots but they are very happy. The school also organizes a fair called "Recycled Products" with flower pots, pen boxes ... made by the school students from plastic waste. The Environmental Protection Department also instructs teachers and students to classify the waste at source. Thanks to these propaganda activities, the students say “no” to spongy boxes and plastic bags.
At Pham Tran Primary School (Gia Loc), there is also a garden of over 500 m2 full of green vegetables and flowers during the four seasons. The teachers directly support and help students with cultivation skills and knowledge. During breaks or after school, the students dig the soil, sow seeds, water vegetables and catch worms by themselves. This program not only teaches students life skills and labor values, but also contributes to build a bright, green, clean and beautiful school landscape.
Building green spaces inside and outside the classroom has for years been implemented by many schools in the province in association with the movement of building friendly schools and active students. In some schools such as Pham Tran Primary School and Binh Minh Primary School, teachers and students are encouraged to participate in gardening. Some schools encourage students to contribute a small bonsai pot each. Depending on the size, potted plants are arranged from the hallway to the classroom, creating green spaces inside and outside the classroom.
Green space helps teachers and students ease the stress and fatigue in teaching and learning periods. Trees also help keep the air fresh and cooler.
The movements like planting trees, gardening, saying “no” to plastic waste launched by schools are usually appropriate for the students’ physical health and abilities. This is a very meaningful educational program for students - the future owners of the province and the country. When participating in these movements, they are not only educated about life and labor skills, but also fostered with their love for nature. The movements also contribute to build and raise their sense of environmental protection right from the moment they are school students.
Concentrating on building the driving cities of the province into green, smart, modern, and worth living cities with public spaces, parks and green belts ... is one of the tasks set by the Resolution of the 17th Provincial Party Congress for the next 5 years. In order to quickly realize the Resolution, each organization and individual should respond with practical actions and should nurture and multiply the Green Love.


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