Chi Linh City Women's Union responds to Safety Year for Women and Children

WEDNESDAY, 10/04/2019 16:53:58

The Chi Linh City Women's Union jointly launched the implementation of the theme of the 2019 Safety Year for Women and Children on April 9 morning.

This year, the City Women's Union will focus on three main content groups: safety of women and children in their families; safety of women and children in public places, at schools, and on the internet; and food hygiene and safety.

Accordingly, women's unions at all levels will concentrate on propaganda to raise the awareness of officials, women's union members, and the community about ensuring the safety of women and children; improve the operational quality of models, clubs, and reliable addresses in the community; integrate and organize support activities for women and children to have knowledge and skills to proactively protect themselves and ensure their safety; mobilize women's union members to sign commitments to safely produce, process, trade, and consume food; multiply and improve the quality of food safety and hygiene models; etc.

The participants also received knowledge and skills to prevent and fight domestic violence, child abuse, etc.



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