Accidents on National Highway 5 kill seven

TUESDAY, 23/07/2019 11:47:10

It was a tragic morning on National Highway 5 as three consecutive accidents killed at least seven people and injured another two on Tuesday, Hai Duong provincial traffic authorities announced.

The truck after toppling over on National Highway 5 on Tuesday morning, killing five people and injuring two more. VNA/VNS Photo

According to the Kim Thanh District Traffic Safety Committee, at around 4am, a 16-seat van hit a walker who was doing morning exercise on the highway. The crash killed the 81-year-old man instantly.

The accident drew in a crowd of curious passersby and it was not long before things got even worse. A cargo truck, which was travelling from Ha Noi to Hai Phong, veered to the side of the road in an effort to avoid the divider and ran straight into a crowd of people waiting to cross the road at around 6am.

The truck toppled over, crushing seven people and four motorbikes beneath it. Local traffic police said five died on the spot while another two were injured.

The police released the names of the casualties in both the accidents. They were Dao Quang Huan – the walker, Dao Quang Thuan, 58, Hoang Thi Em, 34, Truong Minh Khang, 45, Nguyen Van Hieu, 30 and Nguyen Quoc Hoang, 17. The two injured people were Nguyen Van Van, 32 and 35-year-old Luong Quang May.

According to the police, the victims of the second accident were local residents and workers at nearby factories.

Hai Duong Traffic Safety Committee also reported a third accident on Tuesday morning, not far from the other two crashes. A driver was killed when a container truck and a cargo van collided.

Transport Minister Nguyen Van The arrived at the scene this morning to inspect the accidents and co-ordinate the rescue efforts. He also visited the families of the victims to offer support.



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