10 Warm Springs

FRIDAY, 12/02/2021 11:59:07

The program "Spring warmed with human love", held regularly every spring, has helped the poor in the province alleviate difficulties and welcome a warmer Tet.

Comrades: Truong Thi Ngoc Anh, Vice Chairwoman of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front; Nguyen Duong Thai, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee, Head of the provincial National Assembly Delegation are awarding certificates of merit and logos to the collectives and individuals who have actively participated in the "Spring warmed with human love" program in the past 10 years

Increasingly spreading

The program "Spring warmed with human love" was organized by the provincial Fatherland Front Committee in coordination with Hai Duong branch of the Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank) and the provincial Radio and Television. This is a program that has a profound humanistic meaning when Tet comes and spring returns. The goal of the program is to mobilize agencies, institutions, businesses, and donors to give their support and gifts to the poor. This is the 10th year the program has been consecutively held including the "Spring warmed with human love" recently held in 2021.

In 2012, the "Spring warmed with human love " program was held for the first time. Mr. Le Van Can, Vice Chairman of the provincial Fatherland Front Committee, said that at that time the scale of advocacy was still narrow. Hai Duong branch  of Vietcombank mobilized only its regular customers. The Fatherland Front of provincial and district levels deducted from the fund "For the poor". The provincial Radio - Television organized a live television program to create spread. However, in the first time it was held, the program received 1,280 Tet gifts worth VND 384 million from supporting groups and individuals. Right after the program, the gifts were quickly delivered to poor households. Many poor people were touched when holding the gift of affection, love and support from the community.

The success of the first "Spring warmed with human love" program has added motivation for the agencies coordinating to implement the program. Along with sending open letters, the leaders of the Fatherland Front Committee also directly contacted large enterprises and Hai Duong people who are successful in all parts of the country to mobilize the supports. Propaganda agencies have also actively participated in the program. After each time it is held, the program has further spread, attracting more and more establishments, agencies, businesses, and donors. The number of Tet gifts given to the poor has increased year by year. In 2015, the program mobilized 19,938 gifts worth nearly VND 6.3 billion. In 2021, nearly 39 billion VND was mobilized to give gifts to poor households during Tet occasion.     

The "Spring warmed with human love" program is not just the campaign to mobilize Tet gifts to the poor. In recent years, through the program, many collectives and businesses have also supported the poor to build houses, donated bicycles to disadvantaged students, and helped some poor localities to build schools. From 2018 to now, Vietcombank, Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development (BIDV), Hai Duong Lottery Single Member Limited Company ... have supported billions of VND to build facilities for a number of schools, including: Tan Truong A Primary School (Cam Giang), Binh Minh Junior High School (Hai Duong City), Cam Che Kindergarten (Thanh Ha) and Hoang Dieu Kindergarten (Gia Loc). Hai Duong Lottery Single Member Co., Ltd has supported to build 18 "Great Unity" houses (50 million VND/each) for poor households in the province ...

This Tet, Mr. Vu Van Mien's family in Huyen Tung residential area, Hien Thanh ward (Kinh Mon) will enjoy living in a newly built house supported by Hai Duong Lottery Single Member Co., Ltd. Since 1978 up to now, Mr. Mien's family had to live in a deteriorated grade 4 house. Both the husband and the wife are sick, in poor health with difficulties in life. Many times he and his wife wanted to have the house repaired but could not afford the cost. "For my family, this Tet will surely be happier than the past Tet", Mr. Mien said emotionally.

Replication in grassroots level

Not only successful at the provincial level, the "Spring warmed with human love" program also obtained positive results when held at the grassroots level. Since 2016 up to now, the districts of Nam Sach, Cam Giang, Kim Thanh, Thanh Mien, Binh Giang have applied the organization method of the "Spring warmed with human love" program in their localities. Some wards in Hai Duong city such as Thanh Binh and Nguyen Trai also organize a similar program. Although the name of the program differs in each locality, the aim is to mobilize the whole community to join hands in helping the poor.

The resources obtained from the "versions" of the "Spring warmed with human love" program at district and grassroots levels are also great. In 2019, Thanh Mien district organized this program for the first time and mobilized nearly 6 billion VND to help the poor, the policy beneficiary families and people with meritorious services. Ms. Vu Minh Nguyet, Head of Public Relations Board of the District Party Committee, Chairwoman of Thanh Mien District Fatherland Front Committee said that this is the biggest amount of money that the district has ever mobilized to help poor households and people with meritorious services. "The program has changed the awareness and thinking of the whole community in the gratitude movements and poverty alleviation. From agencies, institutions to residents, businesses all understand their responsibilities and they have been voluntarily participating, supporting with the highest that they can", said Ms. Nguyet.

The number of households living below poverty line in Hai Duong is still large. Leaders of the provincial Fatherland Front Committee said that in the coming years, all establishments will be encouraged to replicate the "Spring warmed with human love" program in order to mobilize the participation of the whole society to better implement the cause of poverty alleviation, ensuring social security.




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