Visitors to An Phu – Kinh Chu – Nham Duong up

MONDAY, 22/01/2018 15:15:14

Since An Phu – Kinh Chu – Nham Duong (Kinh Mon, Hai Duong) was recognized as a special national relic complex, the number of arrivals has been much higher than before.

In 2017, the relic complex welcomed more than 200,000 turns of visitors, up 17.6% over 2016. The total revenue exceeded VND5.5 billion.

The opening ceremony of the 2018 Mau Tuat Spring festival of Kinh Mon district is scheduled for February 23 (i.e. the 8th day of the 1st lunar month) at Cao An Phu temple.

Apart from traditional rituals, there will be special cultural activities, such as a trance ritual festival, chung, day, and long cake making contests at Cao An Phu temple, Chinese chess competitions at Nham Duong pagoda, and poetry exchanges in Kinh Chu cave, at this year's festival.



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