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Provincial Police removes four divisions

WEDNESDAY, 03/10/2018 09:18:33

The Hai Duong Provincial Police on October 1 announced decisions of the Public Security minister and the Provincial Police director on organization and personnel.

Accordingly, the Provincial Police dissolved the Criminal Fugitive Pursuit Police Division; merged the Professional Training Center and the Personnel and Organisation Division, the Political Affairs Division and the Party and Public Affairs Divisions into the Party and Political Affairs Divisions, and the Road and Rail Police Division and the Waterway Police Division into the Traffic Police Division; established the External Affairs and Security Division on the basis of the Political Protection Division and the Internal Affairs and Security Division on the basis of the Anti-reactionary and Anti-terrorism Division; and renamed the Technical and Professional Division II as the Technical and Professional Division, the Division of Developing the All People Protect National Security Movement as the Division of Developing the National Security Protection Movement, the Logistic and Technical Division as the Logistic Division, and the Economic Police Division as the Corrupt, Economic, and Smuggling Crime Investigation Police Division.

Criminal fugitive pursuit will not be assigned to any specific unit. All police divisions and district police are responsible for this task.

After the arrangement, the Provincial Police has 26 divisions and 12 district, provincial town, and city police units, down four divisions.



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