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Facilitating Religions, Dignitaries and Believers to operate in accordance with regulations

THURSDAY, 19/11/2020 08:10:07

In the morning of 17th November, the Provincial Party Committee held a seminar on the situation and solutions to further strengthen the gathering and solidarity of religions in the great national unity of the province.

Comrade leaders chairing the seminar
At the seminar, delegates focused on discussing the current situation, recommending solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of admitting religious people to the Party; the leadership and guidance of the party committees in the gathering and unity between religious people and non religious people, and among religions; building and promoting the core personnel of religions to participate in building the Party, government and state management to strengthen the gathering and solidarity of all religions in the province.
Addressing at the seminar, Comrade Do Van Phon- the Deputy Head of the Central Committee for Public Relations and Comrade Le Van Hieu- the Standing Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee have affirmed the important role of belief and religion in building the great national unity and in socio-economic development of the province and of the country.
Emphasizing that religious work is the task of the entire political system under the leadership of the Party, the above comrades requested Party committees and agencies, institutions and organizations in the province, basing on their functions and tasks, to  continue implementing the solutions to strengthen religious gathering and solidarity, to consolidate the beliefs of religious people on the leadership of the Party and the administration of the government at all levels; To arouse and spread the will, aspiration and sense of solidarity, to unite efforts in performing the local political tasks and patriotic emulation movements launched by the Party, the State, the Fatherland Front as well as the political and social organizations; To improve the capacity and efficiency in solving problems related to religious affairs; To pay attention to, to facilitate the religions, dignitaries and believers to organize religious activities in accordance with the regulations and the charter recognized by the Government; To proactively prevent and fight against the abuse of religions, properly and promptly solve arising cases, prevent superstitious activities, religious disunity which undermines the great national unity, negatively affecting the local security and order.

In the province, there are 3 religions officially recognized by the Government in terms of organization: Buddhism, Catholicism and Protestantism.


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