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Rising strength of young Kinh Mon provincial town

FRIDAY, 27/12/2019 17:21:23

From a district divided in 1997 with numerous economic difficulties and agricultural production the main industry, separated and obstructed by river and ferry, Kinh Mon has so far become a provincial town.

Kinh Mon provincial town has a fast urbanization rate and is developing more and more comprehensively

This proud landmark recognizes the solidarity and efforts of people and the sacred land throughout history.

Land of history and culture

On September 11, 2019, the National Assembly Standing Committee issued Resolution 768/NQ-UBTVQH14 on the establishment of Kinh Mon provincial town and its wards and communes.

The resolution took effect as from November 1, 2019.

This is a special milestone showing considerable maturity, an important turning point, and an honor and pride of the Party, authorities, and residents of Kinh Mon provincial town in the process of construction and development.

The joy was doubled when the Party, authorities, and residents of Kinh Mon provincial town were awarded a 1st-class Labor Order for making outstanding achievements in socio-economic development, contributing to the cause of building socialism and defending the Fatherland.

Kinh Mon provincial town is a land with a long history. From practical working and production, Kinh Mon people have followed, sifted, nourished, and built up special cultural features, becoming an important foundation in the course of constructing and developing their homeland.

Kinh Mon bears the imprints of many illustrious historical figures such as An Sinh Lord Tran Lieu, famous scholars Pham Su Menh, Pham Mai, Pham Ngo, and Nguyen Huc, or Nguyen Dai Nang – the ancestor of acupuncture in Vietnam.

The land is home to 202 relics, including 37 ranked ones. Most prominent is a special national relic complex consisting of the ancient Cao An Phu temple and Tuong Van pagoda on a sacred mountain; Kinh Chu grotto, known as Nam Thien de luc dong (the sixth nicest grotto in Viet Nam) and storing the national treasure of Ma Nhai stele system; and the archaeological relic of Nham Duong pagoda, the ancestral place of Tao Dong Buddhist Zen in Vietnam.

Kinh Mon people were awake to the Party's revolutionary light very early. When the time came, they rose in revolt to seize power, contributing to helping Hai Duong become one of the first localities to seize power in the country.

Right after the successful 1945August Revolution, the first Party cell in Kinh Mon was established on October 23, 1945.


Kinh Mon has many agricultural specialties. In the photo: An orange and onion growing area in That Hung ward

Thanks to efforts of the local Party, authorities, and people, Kinh Mon provincial town has constantly spurted.

From a mountainous district separated and obstructed by mountain and river with many economic difficulties, Kinh Mon provincial town has become one of localities with the fastest urbanization and economic growth rate in the province.

Over the past five years, the economic growth rate has always been higher than 12%. The economic structure was shifted to the right direction with per capita income increasing rapidly, reaching VND58.2 million/ year. The material and spiritual lives of people were significantly improved.

Adjacent to two major economic centers, Hai Phong city and Quang Ninh province, the locality has conditions for economic development. Especially, national highway 17B which runs through the provincial town and connects national highways 5 and 18 has opened up new development opportunities for Kinh Mon.

In the time to come, many new roads and bridges, such as the North – South road and May, Trieu, Dinh, and Van bridges, will create favorable conditions for Kinh Mon to welcome investment opportunities and develop economy with regions across the country.

With specific geographic and mineral advantages, Kinh Mon has a developed industry with seven industrial clusters and 1,500 active enterprises.

There are many large-scale businesses like Vicem Hoang Thach Cement One Member Co., Ltd., Hoa Phat Steel JSC., Hoa Phat Energy JSC., Thanh Cong Building Materials III JSC., and Hai Duong BOT Thermal Power Plant.

The local enterprises have created jobs for nearly 30,000 laborers and contributed up to 30% of the provincial budget.

Kinh Mon provincial town is not only an industrial center but also known as a locality with comprehensively-developed agriculture by the whole country.

The provincial town's winter crops alone cover an area of over 4,200 ha with the concentrated onion and garlic region among the largest in the country.

Many agricultural products have been honored as "Golden Brands of Vietnamese Agriculture", including cai hoa vang glutinous rice, onions, garlic, and cassava.

In 2017, Kinh Mon was the first locality meeting new-style rural standards in the province and the 38th new-style rural district in the country.

The success of the new-style rural building program created favorable conditions for Kinh Mon to become a provincial town in 2019, one year earlier than targeted in the resolution of the Provincial Party Congress.

Coming to Kinh Mon provincial town nowadays, there are no more images of a poor and backward countryside but those of a bustling and dynamic industrial city. Modern factories and busy urban and commercial areas are sandwiched between fruit trees and fields.

Visitors to the provincial town are also immersed in a majestic, solemn, and tranquil space of the sacred historical relics of An Phu - Kinh Chu - Nham Duong imbued with original values.

With the new position and height, the Party, authorities, and people of the provincial town have continued to strive with a determination to turn Kinh Mon into a modern, green, clean, beautiful, civilized, and eco-friendly industrial city to deserve to be a northeastern dynamic city of the province.

Kinh Mon is endeavoring to meet 3rd-class urban criteria in 2025 and request city establishment before 2030.

Member of the Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of the Party Committee cum Chairman of the People's Council of Kinh Mon provincial town


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