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2nd phase of 11th meeting of Provincial Party Executive Committee ends

MONDAY, 08/01/2018 16:51:22

The 16th Hai Duong Provincial Party Executive Committee (PPEC) ended the 2nd phase of its 11th meeting on January 5 morning after 1.5 days of expeditious and serious working.

Mr. Nguyen Manh Hien, Member of the Central Party Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Council, concludes the meeting. Photo: Thanh Chung

In his closing speech, Mr. Nguyen Manh Hien, Member of the Central Party Committee (CPC), Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee (PPC), Chairman of the Provincial People's Council, briefed the meeting's results and emphasized key tasks needing to be implemented in the coming time.

The PPC secretary specified that the resolutions of the 12th CPC's 6th congress are important decisions of the Party and mention major, fundamental, and urgent issues.

In which, there are many difficult matters directly related to the interests, thoughts, and feelings of officials, Party members, public servants, and all citizens.

Therefore, Party committees and authorities from provincial to grassroots levels should thoroughly grasp and seriously and fully realize the contents of the resolutions for people from all walks of life to properly and sufficiently understand the viewpoints, goals, tasks, and measures mentioned in the resolutions.

Every official and Party member, especially leaders of organizations, should uphold the sense of responsibility and have the highest political determination in organizing the implementation of the Plan of the PPC's Standing Board.

This must be considered one of key and thorough political tasks for realization in 2018 and subsequent years.

With regard to further innovating and streamlining the apparatus of the political system with effective and efficient activities in the spirit of Resolution 18, the PPC secretary suggested that every agency and unit should focus on reviewing, arranging, consolidating, and streamlining inner points associated with streamlining the personnel, restructuring officials and public servants, and improving their quality.

In 2018, each department, board, and sector, the Fatherland Front, and socio-political unions at provincial level should cut down at least one specialized division or board compared with current regulations and unify some leadership titles, bodies, and units with similar functions and duties as planned by the PPC's Standing Board.

Regarding the implementation of Resolution 19, authorities, sectors, and localities in the province should continue to drastically and synchronously perform the tasks and measures set out in the PPC's Project 3; promptly unify, merge, dissolve, and rearrange public service delivery units in accordance with the Plan of the PPC's Standing Board to ensure streamlined and efficient apparatuses of the units; promote the implementation of self-control and responsibility mechanisms at public service delivery units; and attract and encourage economic sectors in the province to engage in developing public services.

As for strengthening the protection and improvement of and care for people's health and population work in the new situation, the PPEC required authorities and sectors to focus on leading and directing good protection and improvement of and care for people's health; heighten the pioneering and exemplariness of each official and Party member in performing guidelines and policies on population; and continue to work out measures to minimize gender imbalance at birth and the third-child birthrate in the immediate future.

The PPC secretary asked Party committees and authorities to review the work and tasks defined in the plan to realize the 12th CPC's 4th resolution on strengthening Party building and reorganization to devise measures to lead and direct immediate handling of the limitations mentioned through supervision of this issue; intensify inspection and supervision of Party committees and organizations, especially leaders of bodies and units; bring into play the role and responsibility of the Fatherland Front, unions, press agencies, and people in preventing and repelling the degeneration of political ideology, morals, and lifestyles, "self-evolution", and "self-transformation" of officials, Party members, etc.

With regard to the national target program of new-style rural building, through supervision results, Mr. Nguyen Manh Hien reminded Party committees and authorities to strengthen leadership and direction; create high consensus among officials, Party members, and people to mobilize all social resources for agricultural and rural building and development; pay attention to building concentrated production development regions and applying high technology to the production process; etc.

The participants in the meeting basically agreed to the agenda and the 2018 inspection and supervision program of the PPEC.

To well realize the 2018 inspection and supervision work, the PPC secretary stressed that Party committees at all levels should continue to strengthen leadership and direction to efficiently implement their inspection and supervision programs.

The Inspection Board should further improve the quality and efficiency of inspection and supervision...



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