Provincial Leaders thurified Incense at the Memorial House of Comrade Le Thanh Nghi

FRIDAY, 05/03/2021 17:13:26

On 5th March morning, the leaders of the province thurified flowers and incense at the memorial house of comrade Le Thanh Nghi in Gia Khanh commune (Gia Loc) to celebrate his 110th birthday (6th March 1911- 6th March 2021).

Leaders of the province offer incense in commemoration of Vice Chairman of the Council of State Le Thanh Nghi

Comrade Le Thanh Nghi, whose real name is Nguyen Khac Xung, was born into a confucian family with a patriotic tradition in Thuong Coc village, now in Gia Khanh commune. Nearly 60 years of his  revolutionary activities (1928-1986), comrade Le Thanh Nghi always tried his best efforts to overcome all difficulties so as to successfully complete the assigned tasks. With his great contributions to the revolutionary cause of the Party and the country, he was awarded the Gold Star Medal and was recognized as the typical predecessor of the Party and the Vietnamese revolution.

In the same morning, the provincial leaders attended the ribbon cutting ceremony to inaugurate the commemorative stele where the Party Cell of Ninh Giang Water Treatment Plant was established in Ninh Giang town. Here, in August 1938, comrade Le Thanh Nghi presided over the establishment of Ninh Giang Water Plant Party Cell, 1 of the first 3 Party Cells of Hai Duong province and was an important premise leading to the birth of the provincial Party Committee.

The above activities were organized on a small scale and satisfied the requirements of Covid-19 epidemic prevention.



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