Three Chinese people isolated

WEDNESDAY, 05/02/2020 20:29:27

The Provincial Hospital of Tropical Diseases on February 4 afternoon started isolating and managing three people of Chinese nationality.

Sterilizing the accommodation of Chinese workers of Sky Dragon Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Liu Xiao Yan (born in 1990), Xiao Chun Mei (born in 1979), and Zhang Ping (born in 1980) came from China's Hubei province.

All of them are working for Sky Dragon Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Quan hamlet, Minh Duc commune (Tu Ky), and just came back to work after the Lunar New Year holiday in their home country of China.

On January 27 and 29, they entered Vietnam and then returned to the company to work.

To date, their health has not shown any abnormal signs.

The Tu Ky District Health Center has sterilized two three-storey buildings where the company's Chinese workers are staying and made a monitoring list of 73 Chinese nationals working there.

More than 400 Chinese people are working in Tu Ky district.



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