Pandemic “fighters”

MONDAY, 24/08/2020 14:44:17

They are health workers who are day and night busying themselves at Covid-19 hotbeds without fear of impending dangers and exposure.

Sampling a suspected Covid-19 case

Impending dangers

13 people positive for SARS-CoV-2 are under isolated treatment at the Hai Duong provincial Hospital for Tropical Diseases.

Since August 11, doctor Le Thi Hoa and nurse Nguyen Thi Hue have been staying in a special quarantine zone with these Covid-19 patients.

Because of force scantiness, every day, apart from examining and monitoring the patients’ health, those on duty in the quarantine zone do not apprehend contamination control and have even become cleaners. They daily bring meals and belongings to the patients. 

These health workers both act as physicians and share feelings and encourage many stressed-out patients in place of their relatives.

Young health workers with small children and a few family members, so they have asked their relatives to take care of all family matters. Small children have not been able to see their mothers for days, and a smartphone is the only contact bridge between a health worker and his/her family members.

Facing impending dangers when caring for, talking to, and even collecting waste of patients, health workers at the provincial Hospital for Tropical Diseases are not afraid but always put their assigned tasks first.

Heavy pressure

Staff members of the provincial Center for Disease Control’s Department of Infectious Disease Control, Parasitology, and Entomology and Department of Testing and Imaging Diagnosis have been on duty almost 24/24 since community outbreak days.

Since the first outbreak in Tieu Son hamlet, Thanh Mien district’s Thanh Giang commune, Doan Van Tuan as well as other members of the Department of Testing and Imaging Diagnosis has been attached to laboratories.

However, to Tuan, the outbreak this time is much more stressful. He has to process thousands of samples each day. Taking samples in communities by day and analyzing them by night, he and many colleagues only have more than one hour to get a wink of sleep.

During quick meals, all members of the department take turns eating and working. Using chairs and desks as temporary beds, they even court a little sleep while sitting to regain strength to continue performing tasks.

Many female members of the two departments go to work early in the morning and return home late at night when their small children are sleeping well, so they cannot meet or talk to their mothers.

Most members of the unit’s data updating group are female, some of them are raising small children, some are seven months pregnant but still work beyond office hours to input data on the pandemic situation.

Key members of the Department of Infectious Disease Control, Parasitology, and Entomology are mostly tall and healthy youngsters. 

On the days the pandemic spreading into the community from hotbeds at 36 Ngo Quyen street and the provincial General Hospital, the “warriors” had to set off for epidemiological investigation, spray disinfectants in quarantine areas and at houses of suspected F0 cases, etc. without any time to rest. 

Continuously carrying nearly 50 kg of machines and chemicals on their shoulders for disinfectant spraying in sweat-soaked clothes, they still devoted all their strength to their work.

Hundreds of health workers in the province are busy day and night in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic like that. Without any gunshot, this is a peacetime fight full of lurking dangers. When facing the invisible, massively deadly virus currently terrifying the whole world, they do not tremble at all.



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