Lighting up Hope for HIV/AIDS Infected People

SUNDAY, 22/11/2020 14:39:30

There was a time when HIV/AIDS infected people considered themselves facing a death sentence. However, along with the advancement of science, the medical industry has successfully applied the group of antiviral drugs (ARV) to help people with HIV/AIDS to control their disease status and live healthily, maintaining their life span as normal people.

Medical staff of the provincial Hospital for Tropical Diseases attending to HIV/AIDS patients

"Life buoy" for the sick

Over the past time, through project activities, patients have been provided with ARV free of charge.

Hai Duong currently has over 1,700 HIV/AIDS infected people with administration record. About 90% of them are treated with ARV drugs. In the whole province, there are 5 medical facilities to treat and supply ARV drugs to patients, including the provincial Hospital for Tropical Diseases, the Medical Centers of Kim Thanh district, Cam Giang district, Kinh Mon town and Chi Linh city. ARV drugs are supplied free by the providers. According to the time route, in the years 2020 to 2021, there’s no support source for ARV drugs in our province. As ARV drugs are not available in the market for the patients to purchase, the payment for ARV drugs by health insurance for patients is of great significance. Subject to different target groups, health insurance covers 80-100% of the drug costs. Chi Linh city Medical Center has treated patients with ARV drugs paid by health insurance. From 2021, all ARV treatment facilities in the province will implement ARV treatment with payment from the health insurance source.

Doctor Nguyen The Anh, Deputy Director of the provincial Hospital for Tropical Diseases, said that ARV drugs covered by health insurance for HIV/AIDS patients are of great significance and sustainability in HIV/AIDS prevention activities. Support projects usually only run for a while, then they stop. Health insurance will accompany the sick for the rest of their life, like a "life buoy" for them. In addition to paying for ARV drugs, health insurance also supports medical examination, HIV testing, preventive treatment for pregnant HIV-infected women, prophylactic treatment for opportunistic infections .....

Limiting impacts on the next generation

The theme for this year's National Action Month for HIV/AIDS Control (from 10th November  to 10th December) is "30 years of response and an opportunity to end the AIDS epidemic in Vietnam". Towards this goal, over the past time, Hai Duong has always actively implemented treatment interventions, promptly supported and shared with HIV/AIDS infected people. Along with the support for ARV treatment mentioned above, the province has well implemented most of the programs and projects for patient care activities. A typical example is the prevention program of HIV transmission from mother to child.

Without preventive treatment, 25 to 40 out of every 100 babies born to HIV-infected mothers will be infected with this disease. With early preventive treatment, only less than 5 babies will be born with HIV. Hai Duong has been implementing the HIV prevention program from mother to child since 2008. Hundreds of children who have been exposed to HIV from their mothers have received good treatment, providing opportunities for HIV-infected pregnant mothers to have children. Thanks to the timely and positive intervention, Hai Duong has achieved better results than expected. Presently, the rate of HIV transmission from mother to child in our province is below 2%.

Pregnant to the fourth month, Ms. Đ.T.Q. in Ninh Giang district was found to have  fungus in the whole body. When coming to the medical facility for examination, Ms. Q. found out that she was HIV/AIDS positive. When she heard this from the doctor, Ms. Q. collapsed, mainly because she grieves for her baby in the womb having to suffer from the this disease since she is not yet not born. But then hope came to Mrs. Q. when she was given the wholehearted guidance and free care by the doctors under the program to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV. Ms. Q. receives preventive treatment every month. The baby is assigned to give birth by cesarean section to minimize the possibility of infection. The baby's HIV negative result at birth brings indescribable joy to Mrs. Q's family. The baby is over 1 year old now and healthy like many other children.

Over the past time, Hai Duong has also attached attention to propaganda and education to change people's behavior towards HIV/AIDS. Only from the beginning of the year until now, the facilities have consulted on HIV prevention measures for more than 24,000 turns of people; All communes, wards and towns are all implementing HIV harm reduction intervention programs; All people exposed to HIV have access to preventive treatment with ARV drugs...


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