Tariff revenue nearly halved

THURSDAY, 05/03/2020 09:04:11

From the beginning of the year to March 4, the Hai Duong Customs Sub-department received and processed more than 53,000 import and export declarations.

The total tax revenue exceeded VND480 billion, equivalent to nearly 10.8% of the year's estimate and more than 54% of the same period last year.

The reason is that the Covid-19 epidemic caused difficulties for the import and export of enterprises' goods.

Revenue from major tariff sources in the area, mainly automobile components, machinery, equipment, iron, steel, coke, etc. of Ford Vietnam Co., Ltd., Hoa Phat Energy JSC., Daeho Vietnam Steel Co., Ltd., etc., decreased.

In the context, the Hai Duong Customs Sub-department took synchronous and drastic measures to facilitate trade and improve the effectiveness of State management to prevent revenue loss.



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