State budget revenue rises by over 22%

THURSDAY, 02/11/2017 08:55:00

The total State budget revenue in Hai Duong province in the past 10 months amounted to VND9,003 billion, equivalent to 85.9% of the year's estimate and up 22.4% year on year, according to the Provincial Taxation Department.

Six revenues were higher than estimates, namely revenue from the local State-run business sector, the non-State sector, land rents, environmental protection taxes, commune revenue, and non-budget revenue.

The result was achieved thanks to the tax sector's synchronous implementation of revenue increasing measures, including the intensification of inspection, supervision, and collection of tax arrears.

Local authorities well performed schemes to prevent tax losses in many fields like petroleum, transport, pharmaceutics, etc.

In addition, Hoa Phat Steel JSC. generated a large amount of corporate income tax.

There were some low revenues, such as registration fees, revenue from licensing mineral exploitation, etc.

Revenue from the foreign-invested business sector slightly exceeded VND2,966 billion, meeting 59.3% of the year's estimate, down 7.6% compared with the same period last year.

The main reason is that Ford Vietnam Co., Ltd. paid only VND2,024 billion to the budget, equivalent to 55.4% of the year's estimate.

The tax sector is striving for revenue to surpass the estimate by at least 2.4% (or VND10,738 billion).


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