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Over 34,000 trade-unionists admitted in industrial zones

MONDAY, 26/03/2018 16:55:17

The Trade Union (TU) of Hai Duong provincial industrial zones (IZ) held the 3rd congress for the 2018-2023 tenure on March 25 morning.

The provincial Labor Confederation grants an outstanding flag to the Trade Union of the provincial industrial zones

In the upcoming tenure, the TU of the provincial IZs will strive for all TU officials to be trained in TU theory and skills, all State administrative agencies and at least 70% of non-State enterprises to be cultural agencies and units, all grassroots TUs in the administrative and public service sector and 60% of grassroots TUs in the business sector to be pure and strong every year, all petitions and complaints sent to TUs to get advice and help with TU members' legitimate rights and interested protected, etc.

In the past tenure, the TU of the provincial IZs admitted more than 34,000 members, bringing the total number of TU members to 90,259.

98% of employees signed labor contracts, and over 85,000 TU members were covered by social insurance.

In the past tenure, there were seven collective stoppage cases in IZs, down 27 cases compared to the previous tenure.

The TU of the provincial IZs annually visited and presented disadvantaged workers with gifts, supported the construction of TU houses, etc.

More than 20,000 valuable initiatives and experiences of civil servants and workers in IZs were applied to production and business, bringing dozens of billion dong in profits to enterprises...



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