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No labor shortage after Tet

MONDAY, 05/03/2018 18:28:39

Most employees of enterprises have returned to work as usual after 2018 Mau Tuat Tet (Lunar New Year) holidays, according to the Hai Duong Department of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs.

Only 30 enterprises reported that a total of about 5,900 employees were yet to come back to work with no reasons for most cases.

The employees only account for a small part, so their absence does not affect the enterprises' production and business.

To date, the Department of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs has not received any enterprise's report on recruitment demand due to labor shortage after Tet.

To increase labor supply, the Hai Duong Employment Service Center has actively counseled and informed those in need about jobs and the labor market.

After Tet, the center has organized one job transaction session with the participation of 11 businesses and 92 laborers, 32 of them were employed after interviews.



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