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Businesses receiving foreign workers must pay quarantine costs

MONDAY, 11/05/2020 15:24:51

The Steering Board for Covid-19 Prevention and Control of Hai Duong province has issued temporary regulations on medical quarantine for foreigners at hotels in the province.

Accordingly, foreign experts, managers, and hi-tech laborers to work for enterprises in the province will be put into concentrated medical quarantine at hotels for 14 days from the date of entry into the province.

Health agencies will take samples of quarantined people at least twice for testing.

Foreign workers completing 14-day quarantine at any concentrated quarantine facility after entry into Vietnam and being granted quarantine completion certificates by appropriate authorities do not have to undergo concentrated quarantine in the province.

Businesses wishing to admit foreign workers must pay all quarantine-related costs. The provincial Police will enforce compulsory quarantine if necessary...



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