Supply of essential goods ensured

WEDNESDAY, 19/08/2020 17:52:05

At present, there is relatively abundant supply of food in Hai Duong province with fairly convenient circulation and transport.

There is abundant supply of food in Hai Duong city

Vinafood 1 Hai Duong JSC. and two major rice trading households in Ninh Giang district’s Nghia An commune and Tu Ky district’s Quang Phuc commune alone reguraly reserve 450 tons of rice. Upon additional request, the company and households can mobilize about 1,000 tons of rice, ready to meet people’s demand for rice.

As a big pork business household in Hai Duong city, Hoang Duc Manh’s family in Thach Khoi ward, Hai Duong city, provides nearly three tons of pork for the market each day. Pork is transported from a slaughterhouse in Hai Phong to Hai Duong.

“When Hai Duong city residents’s demand for pork rises, my family can increase supply by 2 – 3 times,” said Manh.

Having traded in farm produce at Hoi Do wholesale market for years, Bui Dinh Sy daily transports two tones of vegetables, tubers, and fruits from Hung Yen to the market for sale.

According to the Management Board of Hoi Do Market, the current supply of food at the market is plentiful.

To facilitate traders’ transport of food to the market during the social distancing period in Hai Duong city, the Management Board of Hoi Do Market has issued a certificate to each business household. The certificate contains the name of the household head, his/her phone number, identity card number, and vehicle license number.

At supermarkets, convenience stores, and markets in Hai Duong city, there are abundant foodstuffs with stable prices.

According to the Department of Industry and Trade, the goods supply and demand situation in the province in general and Hai Duong city in particular is now balanced.

The amount of essential goods of enterprises and business households regularly circulated or reserved to maintain circulation always meets people’s needs and readily satisfies pandemic scenarios at the highest level.

Suppliers’ transport of essential goods through pandemic checkpoints is fairly convenient and not difficult.

To ensure stability and demand satisfaction in quarantined areas, local authorities and commodity suppliers have worked out many options to provide food for people.

Intimex Hai Duong supermarket has pledged to deliver goods to those in quarantined areas personally upon request.

BigC Hai Duong supermarket is willing to take goods to the doorstep of its customers.

Tan Binh ward authorities have announced the assurance of food and essential items for people in quarantined areas. Accordingly, people can choose a specific purchase option.

First, people will buy goods from Vinmart+ convenience stores. Every day, they receive a purchase registration coupon, write the items they want to buy on the coupon and put it on a tray at the checkpoint before 7 am. At 10 am, they go out to receive and pay for the goods.

Second, each residential area sets up a team to buy goods for households.

Third, people make contact to buy goods and receive them through the checkpoint by themselves.

Aside from the above options, people can purchase goods from stores inside the quarantined areas. If wanting to get more goods for sale, these stores must report to and be approved by the ward Steering Board for Pandemic Prevention and Control.

However, regardless of the purchase form, people must follow a unified way. For example, at least three families appoint a representative to buy goods. Buyers must stand at least 3 m from each other in vertical lines without gathering or jostling. After receiving goods, they must quickly go home.



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