Over 100 tons of Hai Duong's Agricultural Products go to Hai Phong Port every day

TUESDAY, 02/03/2021 07:52:54

Hai Phong city has temporarily stopped controlling cargo lorries to facilitate the export of Hai Duong's agricultural products.

Currently, more than 100 tons of agricultural products from Hai Duong are transported to Hai Phong port every day for export to Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia ... In the coming days, when Korea imports carrots again, the volume of Hai Duong’s agricultural products exported through Hai Phong port will highly increase.

From 17:00 on 26th February, Hai Phong city has lifted 8 Covid-19 quarantine stations in the area and stopped controlling the cargo trucks. This highly facilitates the circulation of goods for Hai Duong because 80% of the volume of Hai Duong’s  agricultural exports are exported through Hai Phong port. The functional forces of Hai Phong city only control passenger transport vehicles, non-motorized cargo vehicles and pedestrians. The People's Committee of Hai Phong City requires vehicle owners, freight forwarders to apply measures to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic and to bear liabilities if the drivers, co- drivers spread diseases during their transportation and delivery of goods.




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