New joy in Chi Linh provincial town

SUNDAY, 17/12/2017 18:47:10

After six years of implementing the new-style rural building (NEB) movement, Chi Linh provincial town (Hai Duong) has been recognized to fulfill the NEB task by the Government.

New appearance of the countryside of Dong Lac commune

This is a worthy reward for the efforts of the provincial town Party, authorities, and residents.

Many measures

When starting NEB in 2011, each commune there only met 4.7 criteria on average. The percentage of solid roads was low. Only 30% of laborers were trained. There was not any commune satisfying irrigation, education, and environment criteria. Per capita income was VND21.5 million/ year. The poverty rate was 8.44%.

Chi Linh was more advantageous than other localities in NRB since the provincial town did not have to meet nine criteria of a new-style rural district and only had to strive for all of its communes to conform to new-style rural standards.

Despite significant reduction of work, leaders of the provincial town early worked out specific and clear measures, road-maps, and time to satisfy each criterion instead of being subjective and inattentive.

Apart from establishing NRB steering boards at all levels, the provincial town authorities also promoted propaganda of NRB to organizations, unions, and people.

Chi Linh had a developed economy; however, the development speed was uneven among localities, especially mountainous communes far from the center.

In 2016 and 2017, the provincial town authorities offered each of eight communes yet to finish NRB VND2 billion besides financial assistance from Central and provincial authorities to relieve their difficulties.

The provincial town authorities also facilitated the communes' planning, auction for transfer of land use rights, and handling of redundant and sandwiched land to have funds for work construction.

Additionally, the provincial town authorities actively devised projects in the fields of cultivation and aquaculture, supported people with funds to buy agricultural machines, opened training courses, transferred techniques, and helped people develop economy.

Thanks to the application of new techniques and varieties to production, areas specializing in growing tea, custard-apples, and red-fleshed pitahaya and raising pigs and hill chickens have been formed in the locality.

Along with agriculture, Chi Linh attaches much importance to developing industry and commercial services as key sectors of the local economic structure.

To date, the provincial town has had one industrial zone, four industrial complexes, and 1,685 industrial, small industrial, and handicraft production establishments providing jobs for 14,200 laborers with good incomes.

In six years of NRB, the provincial town renovated and built 570 km of roads of various kinds with a total investment of more than VND640.5 billion. Local people donated 169,574 m2 of land, VND42 billion, and 33,230 workdays for road construction. More than 26 km of canals of communes were solidified.

Attention was paid to protecting and taking care of people's health. 86.1% of the local people were covered by health insurance, and the poverty rate fell to 1.92%. Per capita income in 2017 was estimated at VND39.12 million.

The total investment of Chi Linh provincial town in NRB in the 2011-2017 period amounted to nearly VND2,116 billion. Of which, close to VND374.5 billion was taken from Central and provincial budgets, more than VND140 billion from the provincial town budget, nearly VND178.5 billion from people's donations, and the rest from commune budgets and contributions of enterprises.

Further improvement of people's lives

As a lifelong resident of the countryside, Mac Dinh Cong (71 years old) has never seen his native land change as strongly as in recent years.

"My village has completely changed after only a few years. Dirty soil roads were replaced with wide concrete ones which are convenient for us to travel and transport farm produce. Schools and medical stations were spaciously built. High-rises were constructed close to each other. All of them are the results of the NRB movement," said Cong.

Unsatisfied with the achievements, in the time to come, the provincial town authorities will work out many measures to maintain the title of completing NRB and improve the quality of the criteria.

The provincial town authorities will strive for the local per capita income to surpass VND72 million, poverty to be basically eliminated, and the rate of rural laborers trained to exceed 50% by 2020.

Along with that, the provincial town authorities will focus on finishing the planning of sub-regions of communes and wards and increasing investment in synchronous technical infrastructure, traffic, water supply and drainage, and electricity supply systems, etc.; invest in and complete the construction of industrial complexes, prioritize the arrangement of investors using high and clean technology, form trade centers within the planning, and promote services associated with central urban areas, historical relics, and spiritual tourism sites; and continue to implement programs and projects, apply scientific and technological advances to agricultural production, and contribute to raising people's incomes.


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