New An Phu eastern residential area covers over 11 ha

THURSDAY, 16/08/2018 09:19:19

There has been a 1/500 scale blueprint for a new residential area to the east of An Phu commune (Kinh Mon).

The project will be bounded by provincial road 389B in the north; the road to Co Tan hamlet, a school, and the existing residential area in the south and east; and a field in the west.

The project will cover a total area of more than 11.2 ha with an expected population of about 850. In which, residential and internal traffic land will account for over 29% and 32%, respectively, and the rest will be land for commerce, sports, culture, and trees.

The new residential area will contribute to technical infrastructure upgrading following a roadmap to turn An Phu commune into a ward, synchronize it with the region, and shape the future Kinh Mon provincial town.



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