May bridge "opens door" to development of Kinh Mon's northwestern area

FRIDAY, 10/07/2020 17:50:37

May bridge will not only help farmers sell agricultural products easily but also become a "backbone" for the regional economy and society to further develop.

The connection of May bridge with other traffic works will create a development axis and change the appearance of northwestern localities of Kinh Mon provincial town

The construction of May bridge on provincial road 389 and across the Kinh Mon river, connecting northwestern communes and wards of Kinh Mon provincial town with Kim Thanh district's Thuong Vu commune to national highway 5, has completed. People are more joyful since aside from easy travel, the transport of goods is also more convenient.

Convenient travel

Nguyen Van Phuong, born in 1970 and living in Phuong Quat hamlet, Lac Long commune, Kinh Mon provincial town, has worked as a truck driver for more than 10 years. 

His work, transporting from farm produce to construction materials, was often erratic. He mainly wandered communes and wards in south An Phu since it was quite dangerous for a truck carrying goods to go aboard a ferry, especially when the water level was high, so it was very difficult to reach the other side of the river in Kim Thanh district.

Upon the opening of May bridge, Phuong's "market" is wider than before. Travel is more convenient and safer.

"I started having shipments to Hai Duong city and Cam Giang district and have jobs everyday. Before the bridge was built, it would take me about 30 minutes to travel 15 km from Lac Long commune to national highway 5 if I did not want to take the ferry. But now, after crossing May bridge, I only have to go a few kilometers to reach national highway 5," said Phuong.

Many people in the communes of Lac Long, Thang Long, etc. also said that farm produce, especially onions, in these localities would definitely be sold more favorably.

May bridge will not only help farmers sell agricultural products easily but also become a "backbone" for the regional economy and society to further develop.

May bridge and provincial road 389 are connected to south An Phu of Kinh Mon provincial town, including the communes and wards of An Phu, Quang Thanh, Thang Long, Lac Long, Hiep Hoa, and Thuong Quan.

Despite much potential and many advantages, over the years, because of traffic restrictions, the entire area faced a lot of difficulties in socio-economic development. 

The area has so far mainly focused on exploiting agricultural strengths. Kinh Mon leaders said upon the completion of May bridge, industrial, service, and tourism strengths of south An Phu as well as the provincial town will have conditions for stronger development.

Trade connection

The use of May bridge will contribute to promoting the provincial socio-economic development

Since the construction of May bridge finished, Kinh Mon provincial town authorities have coordinated with departments and branches of the province to focus on strengthening and developing the traffic system.

In about two months, the building of Trieu bridge linking That Hung ward with Dong Trieu provincial town (Quang Ninh) to national highway 18 will be completed. 

At that time, national highway 5, provincial road 389, May bridge, Trieu bridge, and national highway 18 will form a traffic axis connecting economic development and goods exchange of not only Kinh Mon but also the whole province and the region.

Along with that, the execution of the provincial road 398B project whose investor is the provincial Management Board of Investment and Construction Projects began in late 2019 and is being accelerated.

The road, more than 12 km long, will run from An Luu 1 bridge through the communes and wards of An Phu, Thuong Quan, Hiep Hoa, and Hiep An to provincial road 389 with a total investment of over VND100 billion. It will connect national highway 17B to provincial road 389.

To exploit the uses of May bridge, the provincial Management Board of Investment and Construction Projects is planning to renovate about 13 km of provincial road 389 from Trieu bridge to national highway 5 and widen the road from 5.5 – 8 m to 11 m with a total investment of about VND183 billion.

According to Vice Chairman of the provincial town People's Committee Le Van Dien, in the past years, difficult traffic resulted in unbalanced development of the local economy.

While Tam Luu and Nhi Chieu areas have strongly developed in industry, trade, and services, An Phu area (including south An Phu and north An Phu) still considers agriculture as the main industry. The operation of May bridge will definitely change the socio-economic picture of Kinh Mon provincial town.

An Phu area is oriented to focus on developing high-tech industry at the same time with tourism and services.

The provincial People's Committee has approved investment in four industrial clusters in the area, including Thang Long (nearly 50 ha), Quang Trung, Bach Dang, and That Hung (75 ha each).

Earlier, the provincial People's Committee agreed to the planning of An Phu industrial cluster covering an area of 50 ha in An Phu ward.

In addition, the provincial town will develop a number of inland waterway ports and services to create warehouses and grounds to store and transship goods. In which, there will be an inland waterway port in That Hung ward and one in Thang Long commune (location of the old Tuan May ferry) as loading and unloading ports of the area.



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