Kim Thanh attaches Attentions to the Development of OCOP Products

TUESDAY, 17/11/2020 10:14:40

In 2020, Kim Thanh district has 5 business householders to register to participate in OCOP with 7 products, being one of the leading districts in quantity in the province.

Kim Thanh district has taken various measures to implement the "One Commune One Product" (OCOP) program, considering this an opportunity to effectively develop the potentials and advantages of typical local products, helping people to participate in production chains, increasing the range of agricultural and rural products.
Phu Truc vegetarian food production establishment owned by Ms. Pham Thi Thuan and her husband in Thuong Vu commune has been in operation for nearly 10 years. The establishment has stable market, selling 8-10 tons of vegetarian food each month. With the desire to seek more opportunities to introduce and promote their products to more customers, earlier this year, the owner of the establishment registered their vegetarian food products for participating in OCOP. 
Ms. Pham Thi Thuan, owner of  Phu Truc establishment, said that the participation in OCOP is an opportunity for their family products to continue to expand to the market and have a more solid foothold. "Unlike other products, vegetarian food is directly related to human health, so the monitoring and evaluation, especially the food safety censorship is very strict. However, she believes that the establishment will be approved and highly ranked this year ", Ms. Thuan said.
Au Viet melon and cucumber of Mr. Bui Cong Khuong’s business household in Kim Xuyen commune is one of 7 products in Kim Thanh district to register to participate in the OCOP program in 2020. Before registering to join the program, Mr. Khuong has invested to build 26,000 m2 of membrane houses and net houses, and installed a dripping irrigation system to grow melon and cucumber. Melon is grown according to VietGAP standards, strictly controlled from seedlings, soil, water sources and the use of agricultural materials. Melon and cucumber of Au Viet brand produced by Mr. Khuong's household are now available at supermarkets and hygiene greengrocery shops in many provinces and cities like Hanoi, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh. Mr. Khuong said that although the two products of his family have affirmed their quality and had a foothold in the market, if they are recognized as satisfying OCOP standards, there will be more favorable conditions for the production and consumption.
In 2020, Kim Thanh district has 5 business householders to register to participate in OCOP with 7 products, being one of the leading districts in quantity in the province. The products participating in the program are the strong and traditional ones of the locality such as melon, cucumber, pachyrrhizus, and dried shallots.
In order to effectively implement the OCOP program, gradually raise the value of products, Kim Thanh district has been promoting communications and raising the awareness for officials and people about the program, especially focusing on the communication through social network. The district authorities orientate the localities, organizations and individuals to choose their strong and typical products to register for participation. They organize training classes, study tours to learn from production models whose products are recognized by the provincial People's Committee as meeting OCOP standards. They also organize conferences, experience exchanges to clarify the requirements of the task of implementing the OCOP program in association with the task of  building new countryside in the district.

OCOP approval dossier in 2020 for Phu Truc Vegetarian Food has been completed 
Besides the support from the province, Kim Thanh district also support organizations and individuals with training funds to participate in the OCOP program at all levels; 100% of the cost for printing 1,000 logos, labels, stamps for 3-star to 4-star rated products; 70% of the cost (not more than VND 20 million) for 3-star to 4-star rated OCOP products to participate in trade fairs of the province level or higher; The district also support to organize annual district-level OCOP product evaluation and classification; 100% of the cost of site clearance (not exceeding 500 m2) to call on organizations to participate in building show rooms for introduction and sales of OCOP products in the district ...
Mr. Tran Van Hai, Head of the Agriculture and Rural Development Dept. of Kim Thanh district said that so as to encourage individuals and organizations to participate in the OCOP program, the district also gradually guide the localities and people to innovate their production methods in association with enhancing the value of the products, especially products of local strength and potential. Up to now, through inspection, survey and evaluation, the district has 3 products that are supported in preparing application documents to participate in the provincial OCOP program competition, namely Au Viet melon of the business householder Bui Cong Khuong; Phu Truc vegetarian food of Mrs. Pham Thi Thuan's family and Hung Tien pachyrrhizus of Hung Tien Service Cooperative (Kim Tan commune). The OCOP approval dossiers in 2020 for these 3 products have also been completed.


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