Hai Duong suspends services as grocery store identified as new COVID-19 cluster

WEDNESDAY, 26/08/2020 07:23:41

The Hai Duong city People’s Committee has suspended non-essential services and catering services for non-essential goods.

A man reports his health condition at a COVID-19 control station in Hai Duong city

Hieu Trang grocery store at Thanh Xa intersection in Hai Duong city has been identified as a new COVID-19 cluster in the city after three confirmed COVID-19 cases – patients 1016, 1021 and 1022, a father, son and grandmother, were linked to the place.

When the cases of patients 1021 and 1022 were announced on Monday morning, the Hai Duong city People’s Committee suspended non-essential services and catering services for non-essential goods.

Food services including those at restaurants and processed food/ ready-to-use food sold at markets’ stalls were also suspended.

Local authorities also asked people not to go out from 10pm to 5am except when urgent. Outdoor activities in public spaces were suspended until further notice.

The city’s Health Department called on people who visited the grocery store between July 29 and August 8 to contact local health care centres for health declaration and disease prevention and control measures.

Those with a fever, cough, sore throat or other COVID-19 symptoms should self-isolate at home and inform the commune health centre.

Also on Monday, the Hai Duong provincial People’s Committee decided to lockdown the residential group of Thanh Xa hamlet including Thanh Xa intersection market area and a concrete block producing workshop in the south of Hai Duong city because the two locations directly relate to patient 1016.

The lockdown will last 28 days.

Among 1,022 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Vietnam so far, 20 are in Hai Duong province, with 15 still being treated and five recovered.



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