Getting ready for big "playground"

THURSDAY, 18/04/2019 17:08:59

Hai Duong has defined nine major industries for industrial production to develop sustainably and efficiently.

The mechanical and metallurgical group is one of nine major industries of the province

The provincial authorities will pay attention to investing in the industries to improve their competitiveness to readily partake the global "playground."

Selective determination

Nearly 10 years after choosing Hai Duong for investment, Kefico Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Dai An industrial zone (IZ) (Hai Duong city) has continued to expand production and built its second factory in the extended Dai An IZ with a total capital of over USD120 million.

Director-general Kim Sungsoo affirmed that the company would continue investment in Hai Duong because the provincial authorities had defined the manufacturing of electrical and electronic components as one of the major industries; therefore, it would definitely be developed.

The master plan for industrial development in Hai Duong province until 2025 with a vision to 2030 approved by the Provincial People's Committee at the end of 2018 specifies that focus will be on developing the major industries to create competitive advantages against other localities, thereby boosting the development of businesses.

Hai Duong's major industries are hi-tech and energy-saving ones that can bring into play the advantages and potential of the province, according to Pham Thanh Hai, Director of the Department of Industry and Trade.

The processing of agricultural, forestry, and aquatic products will also be an advantageous industry of Hai Duong.

Rich agricultural production areas with high quality varieties like thieu lychee, guava, carrot, onion, garlic, glutinous rice, etc. can help Hai Duong turn processing into a major industry.

Products of the industry will not only compete with those of companies in other provinces but also reach out to the world.

"Aside from providing dozens of tons of products for kitchens in IZs, Hung Viet Agricultural JSC. in Gia Loc also exports goods to many countries around the world, including fastidious markets like the US and Japan. The company also has an idea to build a large-scale cold storage system to be able to take its products across five continents," Hai gave an example.

As assessed by the Department of Industry and Trade, the nine major industries were chosen based on analyses and assessments of growth rates in the past nearly 10 years, global industrial development trends, and advantages in development compared to other industries.

Investment attraction in right direction

Determining the major industries' very important role in the provincial industry, the provincial authorities have worked out many investment policies in the right direction.

As analyzed by the Provincial Statistical Office, since early this year, the amount of investment attracted to the province has increased fairly high, mostly in projects suitable to the major industries like processing and manufacturing, electricity and electronics.

Foreign businesses investing in the field of processing and manufacturing accounted for more than 80% of projects in the first three months of the year. 27 domestic investment projects lured from the beginning of the year also mainly concentrate on the province's major industries.

At present, the attraction of investment projects to the province is no longer as massive as the previous years but based on the selection of projects suitable to the province's industrial development requirements in the future and on the major industries chosen by the provincial authorities.

The innovations in investment attraction have not only helped the province develop industry in the right direction but also created competitive advantages in industry compared to other provinces.

A representative of An Cuong JSC. in An Phat hi-tech IZ (Hai Duong city) affirmed that the provincial authorities' consideration for the major industries would contribute to making economy develop faster and more strongly and promoting the potential of and demand for domestic production and export.

For the province's staple products to have their own strength and advantages, the provincial authorities should have in-depth and quality development programs for the products to be able to expand markets.

According to many enterprises, to draw attention to the major industries, departments and branches should care more about trade promotion, introduction, and international connection; assist enterprises with technological investment and manpower training; and announce groups of key industrial products for enterprises to prioritize production.

Besides, there should be commitments on concomitance, connection, and assistance of businesses in production and investment.

They will be necessary levers helping enterprises bravely invest, expand production, and actively develop key industrial products of Hai Duong.

Hai Duong plans to develop industries towards nine major groups of mechanics and metallurgy; electricity and electronics; processing of agricultural, forestry, and aquatic products; chemicals; construction material production; garments, textiles, and leather shoes; mineral processing; electricity and water production and distribution; and waste treatment with the aim of increasing the industrial production value by 15%/ year in the 2021 - 2025 period.


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