An increase of about 20% in winter crop production value

SATURDAY, 16/01/2021 13:51:47

According to a preliminary assessment by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the production value of the 2020-2021 winter crop of the province will reach about VND 4,800 billion, increasing by 20% compared to the previous year.

Nam Sach district farmers are harvesting shallot
The winter crops this year give good harvests with good prices and favorable consumption markets. Farmers earn an average profit of VND 4-5 million/360 m2 of kohlrabi, VND 5-6 million/ 360 m2 of cabbage and shallot, VND 5-7 million/360 m2 of carrots ... The reasons are that due to the impact of storm and flood, the supply source in the central provinces and cities is limited. Meanwhile, China- a big market, and also a strong competitor, was so heavily affected by Covid-19 pandemic that could not recover its production.

In the 2020-2021 winter crop, in the whole province, nearly 23,000 ha of winter crops is cultivated, including 14,000 ha of vegetables, 6,300 ha of shallot and garlic, 1,200 ha of carrots ... Farmers have harvested about 70% of the area of winter crops.


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