Youngsters – cadre of blood donation in industrial zones

SUNDAY, 04/11/2018 10:42:58

Young officials and employees are the most active forces in all activities of enterprises, including blood donation.

Young employees of Regent Garment Factory Ltd. join in blood donation

2018 is the 1st year the Hai Duong Provincial Red Cross Society (PRCS) has coordinated with the Provincial Industrial Zones (IZ) Authority to mobilize workers in IZs to donate blood with encouraging results.

Many ways of propaganda

Last January, the Provincial People's Committee entrusted 2018 blood donation (BD) targets, totaling 17,200 blood units, to agencies, units, and local authorities in the province.

For the first time, the Provincial People's Committee assigned the PRCS to collaborate with the Provincial IZs Authority for mobilization and collection of 4,600 blood units from officials and employees in the provincial IZs.

"The majority of officials and employees working in IZs are young people. They are frequently updated on information and knowledge and also easy to receive and share new information. Therefore, in my opinion, communication with this group about BD will be more effective than with other age groups," said Nguyen Thi Mung, in charge of the BD Division under the Provincial Steering Board for BD Mobilization.

To realize the norm of BD in IZs, last May, the PRCS and the Provincial IZs Authority co-organized three delegations to work with 40 enterprises in the IZs of Dai An, Phuc Dien, Tan Truong, Nam Sach, Lai Cach, and Phu Thai. Afterwards, 36 businesses agreed to coordination for BD propaganda and mobilization.

The PRCS and the Provincial IZs Authority have jointly held two propaganda and mobilization sessions for about 200 employees of Towada Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd. and Toyo Denso Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Nam Sach IZ.

The employees attending the BD propaganda sessions at the two companies are mostly under 35. These are also the most active forces in all activities of the units.  

Some other businesses unable to schedule gathering have mobilized workers in various forms like using loudspeakers, sending emails, assigning trade-unionists to go to workshops for propaganda, etc.

Positive responses

To date, three businesses have coordinated with the PRCS for BD organization, namely the limited liability companies of Laurelton Diamonds Vietnam (Dai An IZ), Best Pacific (Cam Dien – Luong Dien IZ), and Regent Garment Factory (Lai Vu IZ), with 198, 40, and 528 blood units collected, respectively.

Most of the people joining in BD are 18 – 35 years old.

"Many blood donators at Regent are youngsters under 35 years of age because they are the most active force in all activities of our company. BD propaganda and organization right at our company enable employees here to donate blood without having to go far or be off," said Nguyen Ngoc Kha (born in 1987), an employee of Regent Garment Factory Ltd., after having registered for BD.

Agreeing with Kha, Hoang Thi Hue (born in 1994), an employee of Best Pacific Co., Ltd., said: "We are young, so we really want to donate blood to help patients lacking blood in and outside the province. After donating blood today, I will encourage other employees, especially young ones, to participate in this meaningful movement."

Mobilizing officials and employees in the provincial IZs to donate blood is a right direction, thereby bringing into play the role of the youth and young employees in BD.



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