“Limping” Viet

WEDNESDAY, 26/08/2020 22:35:21

Nguyen Dinh Phuong (commonly called Nguyen Hoang Quoc Viet) is an energetic person overcoming difficulties to learn, work, and do many things benefiting the community.

Viet (rightmost) presents gifts to pupils overcoming difficulties to learn well at Nam Sach Senior High School

Being disadvantaged from birth because of a handicap, but Nguyen Dinh Phuong (commonly called Nguyen Hoang Quoc Viet) is an energetic person overcoming difficulties to learn, work, and do many things benefiting the community.

Not giving up

Viet was born into a pure farming family in An Dong hamlet, An Binh commune, Nam Sach district in 1990. Having two siblings, but Viet is the only one disabled. The right half of his body is difficult to move, making it painful to walk a lot.

“When I was an adolescent, I felt very sad not to be as normal as my friends. But then I realized that I was luckier than many others because I could walk, communicate with everybody, and do what I want,” said Viet.

In his childhood, Viet dreamt to become a health worker. Finishing senior high school, he submitted documents to and studied at Hai Duong Central College of Pharmacy. After graduation, he excitedly applied for a job with his degree everywhere but was not accepted by any hospital.

He asked to work as a salesman at a pharmacy of Western medicine in Nam Sach district town. The job brought about stable income, enabling him to feed himself, but he always felt restricted because he only hung about in one place every day.

In 2015, he applied for a job at a number of local enterprises producing electronic components and garments but was not accepted by any of them.

In recent years, Viet has helped his parents sell foodstuffs at Rong market in Thanh Quang commune. Though the work is hard and he has to wake up early in the morning while it is difficult for him to walk, he still feels happy to have a stable job and always be with his parents.

Practising charity

In 2014, when he was still a medicine salesman, Viet raised nearly VND3 million and many clothes and books from his family and friends for donation to the program “Warm winter in mountainous areas” organized by a charity club in Gia Loc district for presentation in Lao Cai.

“During that trip, I had to wander up hill and down dale, making my body tired and ache. However, upon arrival, it warmed my heart to see people happily receive gifts, and all tiredness seemed to disappear,” said Viet.

After that, Viet continued to mobilize donations and joined the club in cooking and distributing porridge to patients at Hai Duong Mental Hospital free of charge.

He persuaded nearly 30 people sharing the same idea to establish Nam Sach Youth’s Strength Charity Club on April 9, 2017. Viet was elected head of the club.

The club utilizes the social networking sites of Facebook and Zalo to propagandize disadvantaged and unfortunate lives, thereby calling for help.

Regarding specially-disadvantaged cases, the club makes and posts photo reportages and video clips on social networking sites. This approach is quickly pervasive with more and more people knowing and making donations.

Since establishment, the club has cooked and distributed 150 free porridge portions to patients at the district Health Center on every Sunday morning.

Each month, the club mobilizes and presents at least one gift (VND5 – 30 million each) to  a disadvantaged family in the district.

On every August 15, the club organizes the program “Moon for you” and gives scholarships and bicycles to poor pupils overcoming difficulties.

On New Year occasion, the club makes 180 – 400 chung cakes (square glutinous rice cakes) for presentation with cash (two cakes and VND500,000/ ration) to poor families.

The club has also coordinated with the district Youth Union and Youth Union chapters at schools to clean the environment, mobilize donations for mountainous people, distribute face masks and antiseptic soap to people in the district to prevent Covid-19, etc.

To date, the club has had more than 100 members and hundreds of collaborators. With practical deeds for the society, Nam Sach Youth’s Strength Charity Club and Viet have been granted certificates of merit by the provincial and district Youth Unions. 

Recently, Viet has helped five people with disabilities get jobs at a carpenter’s shop in Phu Dien commune, Nam Sach district.

“I wake up early every morning to go to the market and spend time on the club’s work. I feel happy with my work and will try harder,” said Viet.


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