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WEDNESDAY, 11/11/2020 13:03:15

Over the past time, trade promotion programs in the province have greatly innovated, bringing practical effects to many businesses, production and business establishments in the province.

 Trade promotion activities help enterprises and business establishments with  better promotion of goods consumption, development of domestic market

More Partners from Fairs

Although newly produced, anabas rice noodles, instant noodles and instant porridge of Khanh Tho Production and Trade Co., Ltd. in Hai Tan ward (Hai Duong city) have been present in more than 80 supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. 41 big distributors from various provinces and cities of Vietnam have concluded contracts with the Company for the consumption of these products. Ms. Bui Thi Khanh, Director of the Company affirmed that the Company’s products have quickly and effectively penetrated the market thanks to trade promotion activities. Receiving information, the Company actively participate in trade promotion fairs and conferences in the provinces and cities nationwide.

Having operated for over 1 year, Gia Gia Clean Food Store in Pham Hong Thai street (Hai Duong city) currently has nearly 150 product codes for typical products, OCOP products from Hai Duong and other provinces, cities in the country. At the beginning, Ms. Ta Thi Luyen, the shop owner, encountered lots of difficulties in learning about clean food and clean products that meet the prescribed standards. However, after participating in trade promotion programs on agricultural products and foodstuffs, Ms. Luyen gained more experience and connections with reputable clean product suppliers.

In 2020, due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the number and organizing frequency of trade fairs and promotion activities in the province in particular and in the whole country in general have decreased. Most of the enterprises and business establishments that have participated in the provincial trade promotion programs over the past time have affirmed that the trade promotion and trade connection programs have provided information and solutions to help them promote the consumption of their goods directly to the provinces and cities in the country and contribute to partly solve difficulties for their production and business. Enterprises and business establishments actively promote linkages, develop the domestic market, find outputs for products so as not to disrupt the supply chain due to the effects of the pandemic

Innovation of Activities

Unlike many previous years, Hai Duong trade promotion activities in recent years have been variously reformed to match the reality and aspirations of enterprises, production and business establishments. Since the beginning of the year, the Trade Promotion Center (Department of Industry and Trade) has informed and invited enterprises and business establishments in the province to participate in more than 10 trade fairs, conferences and promotion seminars. 

Mr. Nguyen Luong Ngoc, Vice Director of the Trade Promotion Center, said that over the past time, trade promotion activities in the province have been innovated in propaganda form, organization and implementation method, helping to raise the efficiency. Propaganda, trade promotion is thoroughly performed through mass media channels, especially via the internet, fan pages, social networks. Trade promotion programs are methodically implemented, linked and coordinated with associations, business associations and unions, thereby enhancing the role and responsibility of associations in trade promotion activities. The scale of trade promotion programs is also larger with regional nature, longer time, focusing on quality over quantity. In addition to direct trade promotion activities, the relevant provincial authorities have actively supported the consumption and trade promotion of Hai Duong typical products by different methods such as catalog design and printing, invitation to advertise, product introduction; support traceability stamping ...




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