​Hung Viet Agricultural Products Joint Stock Company: Double the amount of Winter Crop Vegetables for Export

SATURDAY, 14/11/2020 10:10:17

Hung Viet Agricultural Products Joint Stock Company (Gia Loc) plans to export 20,000 tons of winter crops which include 13,000 tons of carrots, 6,000 tons of cabbage, the remaining amount is cauliflower.

Hung Viet Agricultural J.S Company consumes carrots for farmers in Cam Giang

This is an increase of 10,000 tons compared to that of the previous year. The reason is that this year, China has been so severely affected by epidemics and natural disasters that they cannot restore their production, resulting in low competitiveness with Vietnam in agricultural products. Agricultural products are mainly exported to Japan, Korea, Thailand ... This company is consuming 100 hectares of carrots and cabbage for farmers in Gia Loc and Cam Giang districts. The company provides seedlings, fertilizers, pesticides and guides farmers in the production process to ensure export standards.

Hung Viet Agricultural J.S Company has 3 factories for preliminary processing of agricultural products, 12 cold storage with a concurrent capacity of 2,000 tons of agricultural products.



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