Hai Duong customs accompany businesses

FRIDAY, 31/05/2019 14:27:19

Accompaniment and frankness are defined by Hai Duong customs (HDC) as the relationship with the business community for mutual development.

A dialogue between the Hai Duong Customs Sub-department and representatives of enterprises

Intensified support

The HDC Sub-department has held the dialogue Customs - Businesses 2019 with the participation of representatives of big companies in the field of processing and production for export.

According to HDC Sub-department Head Bach Dang Vinh, the dialogue was aimed at seeking measures to work out a specific and practical action program for the development of both sides.

The HDC Sub-department has pledged to continue seriously exercising discipline following the motto "Wholehearted guidance, politeness, and agility" and intensify administrative procedure reform and customs modernization.

The unit has created favorable conditions for the business community like reduction of customs clearance time without problem arising or cost increase and conducted propaganda for enterprises to realize their interests and obligations upon compliance with customs laws.

The dialogue was also aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of cooperation for enterprises to coordinate in administrative procedure reform and customs modernization and, at the same time, assisting businesses in updating themselves on and conforming to legal provisions on customs.

Enterprises have actively provided information for customs agencies to ensure the development of a fair, healthy, and law-compliant business environment; jointly handle obstacles related to import, export, customs procedures, inspection and supervision regimes, tax refund, the working spirit and attitude of customs officers, etc.

Specific deeds of HDC to accompany the business community include assistance of importers and exporters to participate in the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) program and be recognized as AEOs.

There are many considerable advantages and priorities for AEOs, such as exemption from detailed inspection of customs dossiers and actual goods checking; entitlement to round-the-clock e-customs implementation, tax refund before inspection, etc.

Therefore, clearance time has been significantly shortened, and the costs of storing containers at warehouses and ports have also decreased. Liquidity and tax refund procedures have also been done much more quickly and conveniently.

"Another benefit of AEOs is the heightening of their prestige and brand names, helping them access capital sources more easily and improve their competitiveness," Vinh affirmed.

Mutual development

Being recognized as an authorized economic operator for the second time will be an important factor for Regent Garment Factory Ltd. to strive to become a garment company with the largest export turnover in Vietnam this year

Regent Garment Factory Ltd. has two active factories in Nam Sach and Lai Vu industrial zones. The company is preparing to build the 3rd factory in Nguyen Giap industrial cluster (Tu Ky).

The firm is strong in producing and exporting knitwear and woven woollies to the US, Japan, China, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, etc.

In 2018, Regent was the second largest garment exporter in the country with a turnover of USD650 million. This year, the company is striving to rake in USD800 million in export turnover with the hope of topping the group of garment exporters in Vietnam for the first time.

"The AEO program has helped increase the competitiveness of our company in the world textile and garment export market. Our company has pledged to always observe legal provisions and uphold our prestige and brand name. Thanks to the accompaniment and effective support of HDC, this year, we are endeavoring to be recognized as an AEO for the second time," said Do Xuan Hung, financial manager of the company.

Kefico Vietnam Co., Ltd. is the joint venture of Hyundai Motor Company (Republic of Korea) and Robert Bosch GmbH (Germany). Built in late 2009 on a total area of 10 ha in Dai An industrial zone, the company's factory specializes in manufacturing hi-tech automobile components for export.

From the initial capital of USD65 million, the company has constantly increased investment in production development to USD130 million (2015) and USD250 million (2018).

Last March, its 2nd factory went into operation, bringing the production scale to 55.4 million products/ year.

Aside from export to traditional markets like the Republic of Korea, China, and India, the business is targeting EU and American countries.

A representative of the company asserted that the HDC Sub-department had accompanied and assisted the enterprise with quick and timely customs clearance, even on holidays.

Support, professional advice, and dialogues have helped the company handle arising problems promptly and effectively.

There are more the 350 enterprises often processing customs clearance procedures at the HDC Sub-department, an increase of 50 businesses over the same period last year.

In the first five months of this year, the sub-department received and processed 128,555 sets of import and export declarations with a total turnover of USD4.8 billion and collected an estimated VND1,893 billion in taxes, up 2.7 times year on year.

The AEO program is one of many measures of the customs sector that have been actively taken by HDC to reform administrative procedures and facilitate import and export.



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