Lychee crop with many new features in Thanh Ha

THURSDAY, 25/06/2020 15:25:01

To date, the harvest of thieu lychee in Thanh Ha district has basically finished. This crop, both early and thieu lychee were highly priced. Farmers were very excited.

Thanh Ha thieu lychee has been exported to Japan for the first time

Cultivation under VietGAP standards

There are 3,500 ha of lychee in Thanh Ha district, including about 2,000 ha of thieu lychee and the rest early one.

Thieu lychee is concentrated in communes of Ha Nam area, such as Thanh Xa, Thanh Thuy, Thanh Son, and Thanh Khe. Early lychee is planted a lot in communes of Ha Dong area like Thanh Quang and Thanh Cuong.

Unlike previous years, to have delicious lychee for supply to domestic and foreign markets, lychee growers in Thanh Ha faced many difficulties this year.

As soon as lychee bloomed, the weather was unfavorable. Trees yielded a few fruits or even fruited several times, lengthening the harvest.

In addition, Covid-19 also affected people's mentality in production. Being worried that lychee would be unsalable, many people neglected attention.

When fruits started to ripen, prolonged hot weather caused peels to be sunburned or fissure and yield to reduce in some areas.

With many years of experience in lychee growing, Thanh Ha people proactively overcame weather disadvantages and applied advanced techniques to production.

A new feature of this year's lychee crop is that the district was granted eight new export zone codes, bringing the total number of codes to 17 with a total area of 155.25 ha.

Right at the beginning of the crop, the provincial Plant Protection Sub-department selected a suitable insecticide set both helping farmers protect trees and meeting strict requirements of fastidious export markets like the US, Japan, Singapore, and Australia.

At present, all lychee areas in Thanh Ha are being cultivated under VietGAP standards with about 500 ha of lychee certified to meet VietGap standards and 30 ha grown under GlobalGAP process.

Supply cannot meet demand

According to a quick report of the People's Committee of Thanh Ha district, this year witnessed a bumper crop of early lychee with a yield of 23,000 tons. The yield of thieu lychee reached about 5,000 tons, around 3,000 tons higher than 2019 but lower than previous years.

Nonetheless, the price of early and thieu lychee remained high and stable at VND30,000/ kg on average.

Revenue from lychee amounted to approximately VND900 billion, an increase of about VND200 billion over last year. Besides, revenue from services like ice and plastic foam making in the district also reached around VND100 billion.

Early defining a lychee crop with many difficulties because of Covid-19, right from the beginning of the crop, Thanh Ha district authorities well conducted brand propaganda.

The district authorities proactively coordinated with communication agencies to popularize the image of lychee, invited enterprises to come for sightseeing and lychee purchase, and well organized the Thanh Ha Thieu Lychee Week in Ha Noi to facilitate consumption.

This is also the year Thanh Ha district poured the most investment into the promotion of lychee image. Since the beginning of the crop, there have been hundreds of articles introducing Thanh Ha thieu lychee in Central and local newspapers.

This is also the first year the number of businesses and traders coming to buy Thanh Ha lychee sharply increased.

The district authorities also created conditions for businesses to come to buy lychee, such as assurance of security, order, and traffic safety, and upgraded road 390 for visitors to come for sightseeing and lychee purchase.

Ice and plastic foam making facilities in the district can meet packaging needs for sale in domestic and foreign markets.

Notably, this year, Thanh Ha district successfully attracted Ameii Vietnam Co., Ltd. to hire a workshop abandoned for years in Thanh Xa commune to preliminarily treat lychee.

Since the beginning of the lychee crop, the company has purchased more than 60 tons of Thanh Ha thieu lychee for export to Singapore and Australia by sea.

On June 23 morning, the enterprise bought and preliminarily treated more than two tons of thieu lychee for export to Japan by air. 

Though the amount of lychee exported to the country is not significant, this is a good signal as Thanh Ha lychee successfully conquered a demanding market like Japan.

According to the district Economic and Infrastructure Division, this year, about 50% of the district's lychee yield was exported to China. High-end markets like the US, Australia, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea accounted for about 20% (a rise of around 10% over the previous year). The domestic market made up about 30%, mainly in supermarkets and shops, such as BigC, Bac Tom, Intimex, etc.



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